Bob's 2004 Photos
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Bob's official basketball button that his mom wears.
Winter, 2004-05
Bob's official Homecoming photo.  He was the Jr. Class representative to Homecoming Court.
October, 2004
Bob's basketball team just after they won their holiday tournament.  Bob is standing behind the trophy and behind #22. Westerville South's 2004
homecoming court.  Bob is
September, 2004
Bob with his Junior Class Homecoming court-ette.
Autumn, 2004
Bob on his homecoming bike (which he wanted to ride into the Homecoming assembly).
Autumn, 2004
Bob in the Homecoming parade.
Autumn, 2004
Bob's name up on the scoreboard at the Homecoming parade.
Autumn, 2004
Bob with friends on a Panama City, Florida trip.
Summer, 2004
Bob warming up before a game.
Winter, 2003-04
Bob shooting a free throw.
Winter 2003-04
Bob unofficial photo-op at home.
Winter, 2003-04
Bob playing football at school.  (Front-left, number 12)
Autumn, 2003