The Guy's W.Va. Trip!

West Virginia really is "almost heaven"!!!  That is, until Bill, Stephen, and Bobby arrived!
Check out the antics of these three "rowdies"!!

So, why West Virginia??

The "guys" were sitting around,
wondering where they could go that was...

...not too far (we get impatient)

...full of activities (we get bored)

...close to civilization (we get hongree!)

...not too high-class (cuz, were just common dudes)


Soooo, Bill "surfed the Web" and found

Visit EREHWON Log Cabins!  These folks are great!
EREHWON Log Cabins

as our place to "hang" and...

Off The Map!!  This is a neat service!!!

as our event planning dude.
Both are well worth the money spent!!
("Off the Map" is no longer and
"Erehwon Log Cabins" doesn'e seem to have
a website anymore, but you can Google them.)


Here are recaps of the weeks activites:

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