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Job and Resume Resources!resume writing, resume tips, free resume samples, resume cover letters, resume words

There is a lot to learn about building and maintaining a great resume and we have a lot of great information here in the world of FacilitatorGuy.  Do you want even more helpful information?  The books shown below, available from, are great resume and interview reference materials for making you stronger in the job market!  Check them out and further enhance your interviewing and "new job adjustment" skills.


Still struggling with how to handle your interview?  Here are some great books to help strengthen your skills!

Whether you're an administrative assistant or an executive, these books will help you get off to your very best start at your new company!


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Our Philosophy...
We exist to help you develop a better resume versus doing it for you (you don't learn anything that way).  You need to "own" your resume so you can feel empowered to improve it throughout your career.  We have free samples and examples, tips and advice and we will help you write the best, personalized resume possible.  That is our commitment to you!
-Bill Golden, FacilitatorGuy






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